How my journey started


„In Deinem Leben wirst Du Abertausende Momente erleben. Sie werden zarten Blumen gleichen, tosenden Ozeanen. Sie werden Dich an stille Wälder erinnern, an aufragende Berge und bunte Himmel. Du wirst den Donner spüren, seinen Blitzen begegnen. Sie werden Dir alles abverlangen, Dich atemlos zurücklassen. Doch diese Momente werden auch voller Sonnenschein sein, wunderschönen Gärten gleichen. Sie werden Dir Licht geben und Dich auf Abenteuer mitnehmen. Start the journey of life!



Before I will start writing about my journey I want to tell you why I left my job, Germany, my secure life, friends and family for a while.

I grew up in a loving family with horses, dogs, went to boarding school in England King’s Bruton and followed the rules of society.

I completed an apprenticeship in one of the Leadings Hotels of the World in Baden-Baden successfully, went to Barcelona, Spain to work and live a happy life, went to university to study international management (Tourism and Hotelmanagement) and afterwards I managed several restaurants in Germany.

My last stop was Hamburg where I had the role as the restaurant manager. This job was so hard. The restaurant was a wedding restaurant so in the end I ended up working minimum 11 hours a day, 6 days a week. I was quiet down, didn’t realize how tired I was and always kept on going. There was such a big pressure and I didn’t think about quitting. But than I went to the doctor, I had to because I had some bag pain trouble. He told me that I need to leave the job, otherwise I am directly running into a burn out.

Well, I didn’t know what to do, still working and than there was this one day off.

I was lying on the grass near the sea and I had this one book about a woman, who left her home and walked Pacific Crest Trail. I was so amazed by the braveness of the woman Cheryl and about her stories, how she managed to just leave to find herself in the middle of nowhere. Right at this very moment, me reading this book, a friend of mine from back home called me. „Anna, I am leaving. I am going to Asutralia.“

You can imagine what happened. I just said: „I am coming with you“.

So what happened. I left the grass and the sea, quit my job right away and the flat, my parents came to pick me up. I’ve been incredibly excited and motivated. And there was so much to organize. When I told my mum that I would leave (I’ve been 29 years at this time) she reacted pretty astonished but she said that she thinks it is a very good idea. So did my father as well.

Well, I needed to get this working holiday Visa for Australia and New Zealand, yeah why not travelling NZ as well?

That was a kind of trouble to organize it by myself but when I got the agreement, I flipped out. Two weeks later I was sitting in the plane, alone, my friend didn’t come (she visited later.)


My journey started in Sydney, Australia.

Welcome to my story ❤